From the President

Winter 2018

The other day, a friend asked me why I choose to spend so much of my free time on the business of the Wyndham Land Trust. He was right, being president of such an active and growing organization, requires a significant commitment of my time but, frankly, I hadn't really thought about it until then. So why am I so committed to the Wyndham Land Trust?

First and foremost, I believe in the mission of the land trust. Preserving and protecting open space and its inhabitants is something I've been passionate about since working as a park ranger in Massachusetts during my college summers. Preserving and protecting open space is even more critical today with challenges such as climate change, shrinking habitat from deve­lopment sprawl, and even the public's more sedentary and tech-based lifestyle.

Playing a role in the operations of the Wyndham Land Trust often requires me to get outdoors; to walk our existing properties or inspect possible new ones. I love being outdoors, in almost any weather, so I consider this time well spent.

After working locally and raising a family in the area for the last 30 years, I am now at a stage in life where I have the extra time to focus on land trust matters. During my career, I would often get frustrated with the "corporate world" and sometimes found it difficult to see the results of my efforts. This is not the case with the Wyndham Land Trust where the effort of a single individual can make all the difference.

After joining the land trust, first as a land steward for the Robbins Preserve in Thompson, and then as a member of the Board of Directors, l was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and caring everyone associated with the organization is. The board and the membership are a diverse group, but both share the same passion for the land trust's mission. This common cause forms a strong bond regardless of age, gender, socioeconomics, or ocher factors. The Wyndham Land Trust is a welcoming organization.

Lastly, I am committed to the Wyndham Land Trust because it is, and will continue to be, successful. Most of us want to be part of something that is successful. Most of us want to know that our efforrs are not in vain. I am no different, and I take great pride knowing that we will have 4000 acres under protection by the end of 2018 and we have never been better prepared to protect this land in perpetuity.