About the Wyndham Land Trust

Photo: WLT member Ron Tillen

Board of Directors

Michael St. Lawrence, President
Michael Green, Vice President
Stephen Adams, Secretary
Penny Foisey, Treasurer

Mary Anthony
Janet Booth
Anouk deRuiter
Andy Rzeznikiewicz
Jeff Stefanik


Joyce Fountain

The Wyndham Land Trust is working hard to protect land in the Quiet Corner of Northeast Connecticut.

An Accredited Land Trust SealThe land trust was incorporated in April 1975, and the first parcel was protected in 1977. Today, the WLT is protecting over 5500 acres in north eastern Connecticut.

Birds sing and breed in the grassland meadows, swamps, and woods that we protect. Amphibians breed in our vernal pools, and wildflowers and native plants flourish on protected trust land. Land has been acquired through generous donations from people that wanted to leave a legacy of open space for future generations. Land has also been acquired through hours and hours of hard work from volunteers that believe in the mission of the land trust and believe in protecting this corner of the planet we call home. We invite you to join the land trust and share our goal of protecting land in Wyndham County. Our work is urgent.

This web site provides information about joining the land trust and about donating land and money. The web site also gives an inventory of the land trust preserves. If a preserve has good access, we provide information about trails and a detailed map of the property. We invite you and your family to visit our preserves and discover the joy of exploring the variety of habitat in all four seasons.