Proposed NTE Power Plant - Killingly

As most of you know, a 650 MW natural gas fired power plant has been proposed for Killingly, physically adjacent to our Land Trust's 30 acre Dunn Preserve. It has been in design and review for a number of years and although this plant has been approved by the CT Siting Council, we remain hopeful that its construction will never occur. Governor Lamont has reiterated his clean energy "zero carbon grid by 2040" initiative which runs counter to the construction of this new power plant. The governor’s initiative, combined with the recent softening of wholesale electricity pricing in New England, are likely to hinder NTE's efforts to secure financing for the Killingly plant.

The Wyndham Land Trust remains steadfastly opposed to the construction of this power plant. The Land Trust has expended a significant amount of resources to date (time and money) fighting the plant while currently managing 4500 acres across Windham County. Preventing the construction of the NTE power plant in Killingly is important but only a part of our Land Trust's mission. We fully support NAPP and their continued efforts and we remain optimistic that this plant will never get built.

Michael St.Lawrence