Eyes and Ears and Hands and Feet - Be a Steward!

Stewardship - “The careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.”

For the Wyndham Land Trust, that “something” is the natural landscape, and we take the responsibility of caring for it seriously. Members of our community trust us with generous donations of their land and money to ensure the wilderness in our care is protected and maintained. This is not just today’s responsibility, it is one we gladly take on for generations to come.

The Wyndham Land Trust owns most of our preserves. As landowners, it is our duty to assess and manage each property, balancing benefit to the community with maximizing conservation values for the plants and animals that make their home there. These responsibilities vary by the property, but may include:

  • Protecting wildlife habitat
  • Submitting inspection reports
  • Clearing trails
  • Removing trash and other impacts from humans
  • Protecting streams and wetlands
  • Controlling invasive plants
  • Building and maintaining trails, gates and fencing

We hope that our great care of the land will allow current and future generations to benefit from clean water and air and places to play outdoors and experience our natural wonders.