For all to enjoy.

The Wyndham Land Trust, Inc.


Explore Our Visitor-Friendly Locations

The public is welcome to explore the nature of Windham County at any of our nature preserves. These locations offer easy access and parking. Some offer walking paths. Remember, leave only footprints. For all to enjoy; for all to respect.

Bull Hill Project
Horses Allowed, Mountain Biking Allowed, Views, Visitor-Friendly, Walking Trail
Rapoport Preserve
Linda J. Rapoport Memorial Preserve
Visitor-Friendly, Walking Trail
Duck Marsh Preserve
Views, Visitor-Friendly
Aicher/Holzer Preserve
Horses Allowed, Views, Visitor-Friendly
Lyon Preserve
Visitor-Friendly, Walking Trail
Robbins/O’Leary/Blain Preserve
Horses Allowed, Mountain Biking Allowed, Visitor-Friendly, Walking Trail

From the President: Winter 2018


The other day, a friend asked me why I choose to spend so much of my free time on the business of the Wyndham Land Trust. He was right, being president of such an active and growing organization, requires a significant commitment of my time but, frankly, I hadn't really thought about it until then. So why am I so committed to the Wyndham Land Trust?
First and foremost, I believe in the mission of the land trust. Preserving and protecting open space and its inhabitants is something I've been passionate about since working as a park ranger in Massachusetts during my college summers.

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Mike St. Lawrence, President of the Board

Acres of Open Space
Years in Service