Ways to Give

Giving Land

You can contribute directly to conservation by protecting the property you own in Wyndham County. Options exist to conserve land; a donation of either the land/title or a conservation easement on the land can result in tax advantages for you. Any land conservation project would be tailored to your needs.

The Wyndham Land Trust strives to conserve valuable open space in Windham County. The land trust is interested in receiving any land donation, although our emphasis is on conserving land that contains habitat for threatened plant and animal species; for example, grassland meadows, wetlands, swamps, and riperean habitat.

Giving Money

The Wyndham Land Trust maintains a pool of money in an acquisition fund that is earmarked for purchasing land for conservation. Often land containing valuable habitat comes up for sale at short notice, and the land trust has to act fast to purchase the land for conservation. Having money in our acquisition fund allows us to conserve land that might otherwise be sold for development.

Memorial gifts are a special way to honor the people we love.