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A WLT Collaboration

The Townshend parcel of WLT’s Nightingale Woods Preserve was backdrop this fall to area resident Donna Dufresne's ongoing research of the Randall family, some of its early inhabitants. Partnering with the Pomfret Historical Society, a series of four workshops, Waking the Dead: Archaeology, Genealogy and Archival Research of Enslaved Africans and Native Americans, covered the local history, techniques of working with primary, original documents, African American genealogy, grave stone restoration, and more.

It is believed that enslaved African Americans are buried at the family cemetery, but in unmarked graves.

The WLT is pleased to partner in the effort to help shed light on the past habitation of this land and to commemorate the individuals whose graves were not marked when they died. Click on the donate link at right to help us raise money for the memorial marker.

Out of the Shadows: Commemorating the Enslaved African Americans of the Higginbotham Cemetery.https://cdn.wyndhamlandtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/concept-stylized.jpg?strip=all&lossy=1&w=300&ssl=1

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