Our Mission

The Mission of the Wyndham Land Trust is to conserve and steward the natural resources of Windham County, Connecticut - the water courses, swamps, woodlands, and open space; the vertebrate, invertebrate, and plant life therein; and the scenic, natural, and historic sites - all of which are a part of the unique character and beauty of the county.

The Wyndham Land Trust will:

Engage in and promote the preservation, conservation, and management of the natural resources of the County of Windham for the benefit of the general public. Natural resources include the water resources, swamps, woodlands and open spaces, and the vertebrate, invertebrate, and plant life they contain. Natural resources also include scenic, natural, and historic sites.

Promote the understanding of local natural resources, including plants, animals, birds, and other wildlife and their habitats.

Use all of the land trust’s property and net earnings for the benefit of the inhabitants of the County of Windham exclusively for the conservational, recreational, educational, scientific, and historic purposes for which the land trust was formed.

Communicate with other Windham County land trusts, conservation commissions, and conservation groups as appropriate to, and consistent with, the missions and objectives of the Wyndham Land Trust.