Public Use Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Land Trust get its properties?
Land becomes part of the Trust through a variety of means. The WLT applies for grants that are available in order to raise money to buy land; individuals donate funds so that the Trust may buy land; and individuals donate land directly to the Trust.
Do I have to be a member of the WLT to visit a Trust property?
No, anyone can visit a Land Trust property.
What activities are allowed on Land Trust lands?
Hiking/walking, jogging, fishing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, photography, dog walking with leash are allowed on Land Trust lands. Some locations allow mountain biking and horseback riding.
Mountain biking is allowed on Bull Hill and Robbins Preserves.
Horses are allowed on Bull Hill, Robbins, Aicher, Tucker, and Bosworth/Butner/Butts Preserves.
Non-motorized boating is allowed on Lower Pond and Long Pond Preserves
Can hot air balloons land or take off from WLT property?
Due to the sensitive nature of wildlife habitat, we do not allow hot air balloons to land or take off from WLT property.
Are geocaching and letterboxing allowed?
Geocahing and letterboxing are allowed with advance permission. Please email us.

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What activities are not allowed on Land Trust lands?
The following activities are not permitted on WLT land: Use of motorized vehicles or devices (trucks, ATV's, motorcycles, snowmobiles, drones, planes, etc.),
Hunting** (with the exception of some donors who have reserved rights),
Digging of any kind,
Metal detecting,
All sports other those on the permitted list (so no golf, baseball, disc golf, etc.) ,
Fires of any kind,
Installing any devices without permission (Incl. wildlife cameras),
Picking flowers or removing any plant or animal life,
Dumping of any kind
  • The removal of any vegetation dead or alive is not allowed.
  • Dumping of any materials including yard waste and or littering is not allowed.
  • Motorized vehicles including dirt bikes, ATVs, snowmobiles, cars, trucks, remote controlled objects, and motor boats are not permitted. Automobiles are allowed in designated parking areas.
  • Camping and campfires are not permitted.
Can I bring my dog to a Land Trust property?
You may walk your dog on a leash. Unleashed dogs are not permitted.
What about hunting and fishing?
Fishing is permitted on land trust water ways. Hunting and trapping of any kind are not permitted.
Can I use a metal detector on Land Trust lands?
Metal detecting is not permitted.
Can I install a wildlife camera?
The installation of any equipment or gadgets is not permitted.
Can I take dead wood?
The removal of any materials dead or alive is not permitted.
Can I gather flowers?
Cutting of any vegetation is not permitted.
Can I forage?
Foraging is not permitted.
Can I visit after dark?
The public is welcome during daylight hours only.
Can I hold a wedding and or a reception on Land Trust property?
Please contact us to find out if a Land Trust property is appropriate for your gathering.

Getting Involved

How do I become a member?
Navigate to our Membership page and select the level of membership you feel is right for you. Your membership, large or small, helps the land trust carry out its mission. You will receive our newsletter and an invitation to our annual members meeting and pot luck supper.
Can I volunteer?
Yes! There are many ways you can help the mission of the Land Trust through volunteering. Send us an email if you are interested in volunteering.
I don't have any land or money to donate to the trust, can I still become a member?
Yes. Membership is open to all. Joining is easy. We welcome new members and look forward to meeting you!

Walking path at the Lyon Preserve



For public gatherings such as brief ceremonies, large group visits or to visit a WLT property not on the “walkable” listing, please contact WLT at; 860-963-2090 or [email protected].