Lyon Preserve

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This 46.4-acre tract consists of two portions. The upland is underlain by Hinckley soils and is characterized by early succession vegetation, such as Little Bluestem grass, Red Cedar, and Sweet Fern. There are also some large clumps of Bib Bluestem grass. An old gravel pit exposes the Hinkley soil and numerous blocks of grayish bedrock. A small White Pine woodland and portion of exposed ledge lie at the preserve’s northern extremity.

The lowland portion consists of floodplain underlain by a variety of wetland and alluvial soils. Lowland vegetation includes Red Osier, Willow, Alder, Pin Oak, and a variety of sedges. The southern property line runs along the middle of Mashamoquet Brook from the bridge at Pomfret landing to the Quinebaug River, a distance of 3150 feet. The banks of Mashamoquet Brook are steep and access is difficult.

Confirmed sightings of nesting birds include Brown Thrasher, Orchard oriole, Baltimore Oriole, Blue-winged Warbler, Chipping Sparrow, Mockingbird, Killdeer, Bluebird, Tree Swallow, and Wood Duck.

Two connected loop trails provide access to the preserve.