Duck Marsh Preserve

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The Duck Marsh is a valuable wetland habitat that has been protected by the Wyndham Land Trust since 1994. The property is an ideal location for birdwatching and includes access trails, two blinds, and two observation platforms. The southern edge of the preserve runs along the Airline Trail. In 2007, the preserve was extended west to Wright’s Crossing Road with the addition of the 45-acre Loos property.

The first observation platform sits on “The Knoll” and looks north over the wetlands and the surrounding countryside. To reach the platform, you should enter Holmes Road from the west and proceed to a gate that is marked with a Wyndham Land Trust sign. The second platform is along Wrights Crossing Road and looks south over the wetlands.

To reach the blinds you should you walk a short distance east along Wright’s Crossing Road from the observation platform and turn into the field at the tubular aluminum gate. Follow the mowed trail to the blinds. The blind on the left looks to the east over a beaver impoundment. The blind to the right looks south across the marsh. The water level depends on a series of beaver dams. When the lowest dam is out, as happens periodically, the resulting mud flats are attractive to a larage variety of waders during both spring and fall migration.