The first Booth preserve came into being in late December of 1986 when Virginia W. Booth (Jimmie) presented a deed to 7.2 acres on the east side of Wolf Den Road in Brooklyn. In December 2004 another Booth preserve was created when Dick and Nancy Booth donated a nearby 3.8 acres, and then another 9.0 acres in 2007. Vernal pools, their surfaces dusted with the air-borne pollen of early spring fairly shine on forest floor. White swamp honeysuckle, pink azalea and mountain laurel bring color most welcome after the browns and blacks of winter. Birds include such forest species as Great Crested Flycatcher, Red-eyed Vireo, Black and White Warbler (seen carrying nesting material) and Veery. A Canada Warbler sang persistently for two seasons; but nesting, although suspected was never confirmed. This parcel may be seen to best advantage in early spring. Start at the intersection of Bush Hill and Wolf Den Roads, proceed north on Wolf Den Road for 0.6 miles. The parcel partially envelopes the site of a former communications tower.