Little River Greenway

Harvey Preserve

The Wyndham Land Trust received 15 acres of land in the town of Woodstock from Rebecca Harvey in 2014. The property is working agricultural pastureland on the north side of Route 171 and the west side of Little Pond Road and sits across from the land trust’s Little River Greenway—a 40-acre preserve that Rebecca and her late husband Cy gave to the land trust ten years ago.
The donated land contains a pond, some shrubby thickets, and some scattered larger trees. American Kestrels, a state-threatened species in Connecticut, successfully nested there in the summer of 2013. It is the land trust’s intent to keep the fields in agricultural use, and the combination of the two preserves along 171 helps to protect the rural gateway into Woodstock.

“I am thrilled that the Wyndham Land Trust will help maintain Woodstock’s rural character,” said Rebecca Harvey. “It is important to preserve the beautiful farms that make Woodstock a very special place.”

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