Wright Preserve

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This 37.0-acre tract was the second parcel donated to the Wyndham Land Trust after our incorporation in 1975. The parcel was donated from a bequest from Ann A. Wright. The preserve sits in the triangle of land between Routes 101, 44, and 169 and is adjacent to the Connecticut Audubon Society’s Bafflin Sanctuary. The preserve is also adjacent to the historic Pomfret Town house that belongs to the Pomfret Historical Society and houses the Wyndham Land Trust offices.

The preserve has varied habitats including flooded forest, a hay field, and an old field full of wildflowers. Young forest has recaimed an old gravel operation. The hay filed is mowed after July 15 each yerar to allow gtassland birds to finish their nesting. Two wildlife food plots, sunflower and sorghum, are planted in the old field each spring.

The southern boundary is formed by an 800-foot long stretch of the Mashmoquet Brook. There is good parking at the Connecticut Audubon Society facility on the east side of Route 169, but you should be careful crossing the road to reach the preserve. Woodland birds are plentiful and varied, and Least Flycatchers have nested along the brook. Otter and beaver have been sited along the brook. Fishing is allowed but please respect the property and do not trample the vegetation along the stream edges.

A trail takes you from the long field along Route 169 into the interior of the preserve and along the edge of one of the many abandoned gravel pits on the site.